The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets – How to Identify Quality When Shopping

Egyptian cotton sheets By Luxury of the PharaohsYou hear a lot of terms when you’re picking out sheets, and they can make you think that picking out quality sheets is simple. Because of buzz words fed to consumers, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your sheets are the best.

It can also make it more easy to pick out sheets you feel are better quality, but in reality, you’re paying for some slick labeling. So what can you do to protect yourself and ensure that you get the best quality sheets for your investment.

Obviously, the best sheets are Egyptian cotton. What does that mean? It means that you’re getting a specific species of cotton, grown in a specific region. This produces the longest fibers, which is a key in sheets we’ll talk about later.

These fibers are also the softest and strongest fibers available. The combination makes a sheet that can’t be matched by any other cotton. It’s even preferable to many consumers to much more expensive linen and silk sheet sets because they breathe well, last a very long time, and don’t stain as easily.

So you’ve decided on Egyptian cotton sheets, great. You go to the store, find the sheets, and the tag on them says, “Egyptian Cotton”.

Don’t stop your inspection there. The first thing you should do is make sure that the label says 100% Egyptian cotton. Cotton blends are often used, and you want to make sure that the cotton in your sheets is all Egyptian cotton.

The next thing to touch on is thread count. Experts tell you that the importance of thread count is largely a western or American invention. It’s important to note that the appearance of elevated thread counts above 800 and 1000 are recent additions to the market.

When you’re looking for your sheets, look for sheets over 200 thread count if you want a nice sheet. They are a great benchmark to start with. If you want even softer sheets, go for sheets over 300 thread count. If the thread count is over 800, ignore it and move on. It’s largely a consequence of either marketing or bad manufacturing.

Manufacturers will source lower quality fibers that are striped down and make sheets with extra high thread counts. It’s a way to promote sheets, and it doesn’t buy you anything extra, so don’t sink your money into this marketing game.

This is where long fibers come in. That’s what makes a good sheet. Long fibers. Lots of short or stripped fibers can make a great thread count, but the sheets will be weak and lower quality. Long fibers in quality sheets make the kind of Egyptian cotton sheets you’ve come to expect.

Would you rather have numbers on a package to make you feel good or quality sheets on your bed?

Shopping for sheets can be a lot of work. You research and shop around so that you’re getting the best product for your investment. Don’t fret though, there are many sites online such as this one ( that gives loads of information on how to pick the best of the best.

Make sure that when you’re out sheet shopping, you remember to think beyond the label and remember what the terms really mean.